21 May Blog off… Or not…

Being pretty new to the whole blogging thing I thought I would start with an introductory one…. Normally I think of blogging and think Blog Off… The time has come for me to finally attempt the whole blogging thing properly.  You’ll have to forgive me if this attempt is rubbish, in fact you will have to forgive me if the next few (for few read several, like double figures) are rubbish! I have to admit that I have put off blogging for some time and indeed the attempts that have been made are pretty dull.  The main reason is knowing what to blog about and then how to make it interesting so that people want to read past the first sentence!
Why is it so hard to blog? Well for me it probably has a lot to do with the subject topics that I could cover – LAW… How dull! Being a commercial lawyer there are not many topics that you can make FUN. My firm cover legal issues such as business law – contracts, agreements, T&Cs, setting up a company; Regulatory & Compliance law – helping businesses comply with UK Legislation, Health & Safety Law, Trading standards, Policies & procedures; Construction – Contracts, warranties; and for all these areas we cover litigation – helping businesses when things go wrong and they could end up in Court.
Maybe, this is a ‘big’ maybe, these topics can be interesting when you are discussing them usually because the other person is involved in the issue and needs assistance also the time seems to pass quicker. However reading topics of this sort can be like cutting out your intestines out with a blunt spoon! This is first hand knowledge –  I even struggled at uni to study being very much in the camp of cram it all in the night before exam. That way you didn’t have to read all the boring turgid stuff all the time… I know, I probably shouldn’t be admitting that… The difference is when you are practicing law it can be much more interesting when you are actually doing the work but this doesn’t really help in terms of writing anything interesting…
Which brings me to where I am now. This is really an introductory blog to introduce myself and tell you what I hope to do. See I do have a point to this rather rambling blog post…  Anyway, I will be putting together some FAQs on various topics that might be of interest to businesses. The first few blogs are going to be on the topic of H&S. Rather than stick down all the questions in one long post I will cut them up into questions of 4 or 5 and then put it out there. After that I will cover Director Responsibilities and so on.
Should anyone have any burning issues, legal ones that is –  for any other burning issues I suggest a visit to your doctor –  please do get in touch and let us know and maybe one of us could blog about it.
For now I will just Blog Off… :-D